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ThermaCoustic TC-417 GP is a glass fiber based spray-applied thermal and acoustic insulation.  Spray-applied thermal and acoustic insulation materials, both inorganic man made mineral fiber (rock & glass wool) and organic cellulose (paper) based products, have been successfully used within the residential, commercial and industrial construction industries for decades.

TC-417 GP is comprised of two components; pure white, inorganic, non-combustible glass fibers (averaging 25% recycled glass) and a non-hazardous, water-based synthetic emulsion adhesive.  Both these materials are manufactured specifically as components of a self-supporting, spray-applied insulation system.  When these components are combined during the application process on the job site the produce a monolithic, non-combustible insulation blanket that resists heat flow, air circulation and moisture migration to the substrate.



Note that TC-417 GP is equally effective in retarding heat flow into or out of the structure as required.

TC-417 GP can be applied to most sound, grease and oil-free substrates such as concrete, steel, gypsum board, wood and rigid insulation.  It also adheres to spray-applied fire resistive materials.  The single-step, spray-applied process allows the most complex surface configurations to be covered easily and efficiently with no seams or voids.  TC-417 GP can be left exposed as a heavily textured surface or it can be covered depending on the design and type of application.

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